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What components should you take into account to digitize your business?

Digitization has been an irreversible process, especially in recent months of the pandemic. Companies must adapt to the new consumer behavior of users and if you are thinking of digitizing your business, keeping these components in mind is essential for you

to achieve it. The goal of this article is to describe each item in detail along with their goals, convenience, and personal budget judgment.

-Digital properties: these are the media that the company controls and where the digital strategy should focus. A clear example of this would be a company website; The main goal of this element is to generate customer conversion and its objectives are:

  • Maintain digital identity / official information.

  • Provide information that supports the customer's purchase decision process.

  • Close transactions

If you have a limited budget, don't worry, there are a variety of online platforms such as "Wix" that will help you develop your website in a professional and simple way; the other option would be to hire an advertising agency to take care of web page development.

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This component focuses on increasing the visibility of the website in search engines such as google. Its main goal is to generate organic traffic and its objectives are:

  • Development of relevant content.

  • Schedule the page to optimize its indexing.

  • Get backlinks

This component is a bit complicated but very valuable, understanding it could bring great benefits for the brand. In this case, we recommend that you contact a person or marketing agency that is expert on the subject.

-Social Media: They are digital platforms where users publish content, share it and are part of communities. Its main goal is to position the brand and generate a connection (loyalty) with the user; aims to:

  • Reinforce positioning.

  • Build customer loyalty.

  • Get to know the customers.

This component is one of the most frequented by brands as it is low cost and relatively easy to handle if valuable content is generated for the user. To define on which digital platform your brand should be present, think about the following question and answer it: "What social network / platform is the target most frequented?"

-Paid Media: This component supports the digital strategy through advertisements that generate traffic to digital properties. Your goal is to segment your audience and direct people to landing pages; aims to:

  • Increase brand awareness (branding).

  • Search for direct response (Call to action).

  • Get new clients.

A clear example of this component are advertisements on Instagram or YouTube. If this element is planned and executed correctly, you can easily generate more traffic to the brand, increase sales and followers. It does not require a large investment in paid media and can be effective and efficient.

Now that you know the components, start planning your digital strategy and drive your brand forward!

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